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Maintenance for Malmark Handbells and Choirchime® Instruments

We know there's great pride in owning Malmark handbells and with proper care and handling, that pride can be yours for year after year after year. It usually is more practical for you to care for your own handbells and Choirchimes, both for periodic maintenance and repair needs.

Taking care of your handbells is simple. You can learn about instrument maintenance by reading the Handbell Care & Maintenance Manual or by viewing the Malmark video Sound Advice - Malmark Handbell Maintenance, either on the VHS videotape or at this link: Maintenance and Repair Help.

We can take care of your repair and maintenance needs. The service we offer "going over" each handbell includes the following, if needed:
  • tighten handle screw/coupler assembly
  • confirm that the handle and clapper are lined up on the strike point of the casting
  • tighten main assembly screw
  • adjust the clapper restraining spring tension
  • adjust the bearing screw in yoke
  • set clapper position (soft, medium, hard) for consistency in sound
  • visually inspect the bell, to determine if there are any problems or other parts which need adjustment or replacing, ie. restraining spring
  • make recommendations if further work is needed
Contact us to schedule an appointment.

Refurbishing Questions
When is it time?
There is no specific time frame in which the instruments should be refurbished. It all depends on how often they are used and how well they are cared for. Some signals that it is time to refurbish include the following:

  • You have spots on the handbell castings which do not come off when they are hand polished.
  • You are noticing strong overtones or beats in the sound of the bells.
  • The sound of the handbells is not consistent from one to the next.
  • Mechanical sounds still prevail after simple adjustments, as outlined in our Handbell Care & Maintenance Manual
  • Mechanical sounds still prevail after simple adjustments, as outined in our maintenance manual/
  • The pitch of the chimes is not consistent from one to the next.
Who should refurbish our instruments?
Having your handbells refurbished by Malmark's bellcraftsmen also provides another important benefit. Those sets of handbells covered by Malmark's Lifetime Warranty are assured of continuance of that coverage. Sets of Malmark Handbells purchased before the Lifetime Warranty was applicable (October 1984) can now obtain that warranty on all new parts used by having their bells refurbished by Malmark.
What does Malmark do when they refurbish handbells?
  • Completely disassemble and thoroughly inspect each handbell
  • Inform customer of inspection results and recommendations
  • Machine polish each handbell casting inside and out
  • Clean, adjust and lubricate each clapper assembly
  • Replace restraining springs and clapper heads where necessary
  • Brass handleblocks will be replaced with those made of glass-filled nylon unless you specify otherwise.
  • Reassemble and revoice each handbell. Castings that do not meet our strict standards will be replaced at no charge as long as there is no sign of abuse.
  • Hand polish each casting.
What does Malmark do when they refurbish Choirchimes®
  • Thoroughly inspect each chime.
  • Clean and adjust each clapper assembly.
  • Replace any worn clapper heads, and replace chime labels. Parts will be an additional charge.
  • Inspect resonance of each tube and make appropriate adjustments of plugs as required.
  • Inspect cases and clean as appropriate.