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Malmark Choirchimes
America's Premier Bellcraftsmen since 1974
Handbells, Choirchimes®, and Accessories
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Discover why more people choose Malmark
handbells and hand chimes than any other!

The Choirchime® - Such fun and so easy to play
Developed in 1982, the Choirchime® instrument by Malmark was the first American-made, hand-held chime instrument. The Choirchime® is a professional class instrument described by Dr. Thomas Rossing, past President of the Acoustical Society of America, as "the purest sound of any known musical instrument".

Our Choirchimes® continue to set standards for the industry. We now offer six octaves - C2 to C8. The same dedication that goes into the crafting of Malmark's Handbells goes into the creation of our Choirchime instruments. Choirchimes® have the same basic characteristics of handbells at a more affordable price. These chimes can be used to teach the techniques of ringing and are more economical in every sense of the word. And Malmark offers a five-year warranty on its Choirchime Instruments.

The design of the Choirchime® consists of a square aluminum tube with comfortable, rounded exterior corners to produce the purest and cleanest sound. Shape does matter. In order to create the purest tone, the tube must have 90° angles to avoid undesireable untuned overtones and extraneous "buzzing" vibrations

Backed by 35 years of the finest in tonal quality, dependable performance and durability Choirchimes® by Malmark have been applauded by general music teachers for their innovations. Finally, an instrument which can stand up to the rigors of the classroom yet produce beautiful sounds on the concert stage - a true musical instrument!

Choirchimes® are a less expensive alternative to handbells. Chimes are made of aluminum, light-weight, and easy to play. Children and senior adults with arthritic problems can handle them with ease. The note designation and position on the music staff is indicated on each chime. Chimes are white & black keyboard color-coded to aid in note identification.

Choirchime® instruments are played like handbells, with the same note assignments, using handbell music, and can be used as an ensemble or a solo instrument, with voices or other instruments.

Until you have experienced the sound or have inspected the craftsmanship, you only have our word for it. So contact us to take a closer look and listen.

We can take care of your repair and maintenance needs. Contact us to schedule an appointment.